craft rock friday with of montreal

Five things to love about Of Montreal's video for “An Eluardian Instance”:

1. Of Montreal is so fabulous. I love Kevin Barnes' voice. Not to mention his costumes.
2. Paper kites galore!
3. Kaleidoscopes in the sky!
4. Origami!
5. Summer! ...Remember it? Sunshine, the beach, falling asleep while reading a book on the lawn... This is such a nice reminder amidst all the cold and snow and rain we've been having. Warm times, they're on their way.

Of Montreal ~ An Eluardian Instance (2008) Dir: Jesse Ewles from jesse ewles on Vimeo.

Mmm, feeling good? Yeah? Well, here are two more tangential things to love...

1. The crazy mountain goat that makes a cameo part-way through the video reminds me of this crazy animated gif of a little llama freaking out in a colourful way.

2. Which, in turn, reminds me of Jen Stark's fantastic paper sculptures.

Here's a clip about Jen and her work:

(via You Ain't No Picasso)

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