Hipster Animal Mascots

I adore these pillows. [link]

Why are owls so trendy these days, anyway? It seems like owls are the new hipster animal mascot... aka HAM.

Highly scientific polls reveal that the top 3 HAMs are:

    1. Wolf (emerging HAM)... or maybe Squid. (!Wolf VS Squid!)
    2. Owl (current HAM; popularity now possibly in decline)
    3. Deer (formerly the hottest HAM; now used sparingly in HAM culture)

What do you think? Any predictions of future HAMs? And why do hipsters need HAMs anyway? Do other pop-culture social groups have animal mascots? Indepth exploration of these issues to follow in PhD thesis.

Anonymous –   – (November 08, 2005)  

I think goats may be in there somewhere. I think AMs are everywhere. Couldn't we argue that hipster AMs exist because of the animal mascots strewn everywhere in mainstream/commerical (sorry if neither of those words are exactly right)? Cute puppy/kitten posters, teddy bears (not animals, of course, strictly speaking) butterfiles, dragonflies. Grizzly bears...I don't know where I'm going with this.

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