the eve is nigh

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. And more significantly, my Christmas crafting is coming to an end. I didn't make nearly as many gifts as I'd intended this year, but I'm happy with the few things I accomplished amongst the busyness of everyday life and work.

I spent most of Saturday tying up odds and ends for xmas gifts: in the morning, I turned my living room into Christmas Card Central and wrote like mad - mad in the most Christmassy sense possible, of course. Then, in the afternoon I wrapped, spent some QT at the PO and - brave girl that I am - I even ventured out to buy a couple of last-minute items. On Sunday, I met up with my craft group - lots of new, interesting gals - and got a lot of my very last gift accomplished. I finished it off this evening; I hope the mystery recipient likes it.

Now all I have to do before Christmas is pack for my trip. Oh yeah, and do laundry.

Lindsay  – (December 21, 2005)  

I love that couch of yours.

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