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The trailer for Sophia Copolla's Marie Antoinette movie is fantastic, mostly because it reminds you how pre-formed your expectations are for movies and especially for trailers. (For instance, does anyone know the name of that one guy who seems to do voice-overs for 99% of Hollywood movies?) It's so strange to see a period piece movie set to a contemporary score: in this case, the 18th century French court rockin to New Order. I wonder if the whole movie will be like that - and if that would be sustainable for two hours.

I realize I may be doing exactly what the film's marketeers intended - luring in that key demographic of hipster fans of Lost in Translation and Virgin Suicides; Copolla fans who would usually zone out for any period piece - but hey, Sophia, it's working. My ears perked right up.

P.S. Here at M&C, we are apparently psychicly linked, because I was just about to post this trailer. I have watched it four times myself and have been showing it to everyone I can. "Age of Consent" is my new favourite song - it's great for dancing. The font/lettering for the movie title is my favourite - hot pink! Did you know that Marie Antoinette was only 14 years old when she took the throne? Too bad this one's almost a year away.

Anonymous –   – (December 16, 2005)  

Can I say breathtaking without sounding like a complete wanker?

But regarding the contrasting time periods, I must point to Mr. Luhrmann as a fairly influential antecedent.

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