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Israeli designer Alon Eliezer Meron creates some fantastic furinture using the things that the furniture "uses". Meaning, the tableware on the table is part of the table, acting structurally as the tabletop or as hinges. According to Alon, the Lucid table, where bowls and cups and trapped inside the table itself, "is a result of a study of the triangular relationship; man-table-vessels".

The Pot Table uses a cooking pot as a central hinge; the Spine Table use cups as "vertebrae" to hold the two halves of the table together.

I also love the Padlock Hanger, which is clever clever clever.

[Link via mocoloco.]

TRES CEE  – (December 18, 2005)  

donut holes when first sold, made no sense, but now, i ken i am with different u amen,

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