"Imagine combining your love for bouncing balls and your obsession for taking pictures into one, now it has a name Satugo."

Well, well, we here at Magpie & Cake love bouncing balls and have had an obsession for taking pictures for years! What is this "Satugo"?

Whoa, it's a camera you're supposed to throw - and when it hits something, it takes a picture! Or it can be attached to a string, so when it gets to the end of its line, it clicks the shutter. It's also got a timer and "can act as a mobile storage facility for your personal data and function as a webcam". WHOA!

Anonymous –   – (January 06, 2006)

Jeff  – (January 06, 2006)  

why don't they have any examples of photos taken with the Satugo on the website built to promote said device?

does it even exist yet?

and are you gonna get one?

- jeff.

Anonymous –   – (January 07, 2006)  


Alice  – (January 19, 2006)  

Yeah, that's interesting that they don't have any photos available...could it be because most of them don't actually turn out that nice?? Hmmm...although it sounds like a lot of fun!!

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