tea cozies for taxidermists

Australian artist Louise Weaver is a wool taxidermist. Pretty much.

By covering taxidermist's molds of animals and birds, plus the occasional branch, with her crocheted creations, Weaver transforms the animals into magical, almost living beings. Her first crochet covered piece was aptly entitled "I am transforming an antler into a piece of coral by crocheting over its entire surface" - a great title! - but the effect is much greater than that. It has the power to evoke so many ideas - from issues of transformation and hybrid forms, to the relationship of the natural and the made-made, from the practice to taxidermy to the power of the imagination and our concepts of magical creatures.

And hey, they're also just beautiful to look at.

You can read more about Louise Weaver's work here, here and here.

[Link via Knit 1 blog]

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