things I want to make and do

  • quilt(s) - finish the one I have on the go, start another (larger) one... in pinks and oranges

  • a blackboard - one that I can hang on our diningroom wall, hopefully also that is framed (for example, this one)

  • coin purses - with silkscreening, and with elison cutouts

  • t-shirts - out of old shirts, whether it's silkscreened or frankenstein shirts or both

  • paint - my room (whether I stay in this one or take the other)... but what colour?

  • pillows - recover! But actually measuring this time, so the covers will fit.

  • house organization - it's getting kind of crowded and messy in here

  • Suggestions? Tips? Pointers?

    Lindsay  – (March 13, 2006)  

    For the blackboard, you could use blackboard paint and then make it any size you want - or have a blackboard on the side of a table or something. I have no idea how expensive paint is versus the actual blackboard. That would be fun to have though, especially in the kitchen or in a workshop.

    What are elison cutouts?


    lucy  – (March 14, 2006)  

    i love my blackboard. i originally wanted to make my own (using the fancy paint) but i found this one on sale at staples' because the frame was damaged. nothing i couldn't fix at home though.

    i just finished making a dozen or so silckscreened pouches. they are fast and easy to make. i think i will use old felted sweaters next time for a change (this last batch was all silk)

    and, like you, i really need to finish my quilt!

    Lindsay  – (March 15, 2006)  

    Lucy, your house looks so great.

    Have you posted pics of your silkscreened pouches on your blog?

    lucy  – (March 16, 2006)  

    not yet...i just never got around to taking any photos. i have to put that on my to do list...

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