It's time to take a break from crafting...

...and dance!

I bought the new Flaming Lips CD today, and although I'm only half-way through listening to it so far, I'm lovin' it. It perfectly captures that dancing-in-your-livingroom / dancing-as-you-blog / dancing-as-you-bake-cookies feel-good vibe.

Which is the vibe of the day today. Today was the first truly "It's SUMMER!" day here in Vancouver, and I took advantage of the sunshine to walk around outside for most of the day. I was desperately in need of catching up on Birthday Present Shopping. I was behind on 3 presents, and have 4 birthdays coming up in May - all for Very Special People In My Life. So I went a spreeee! I have never bought so much stuff in a single day, but it felt good, as I bought everything from locally-owned stores I adore, and practically everything was made by Vancouver or Canadian designers. I would post photos of what I bought, but I don't want to ruin at birthday surprises.

So the morals of the day are: Buy local. Buy fun stuff. Dance. (And meeting up with friends for a a pint and walk on the beach doesn't hurt either.)

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