fifty, but still smells like teen spirit

This year, Play-Doh celebrates it's 50th birthday.

From it's humble beginnings in Cincinnati in 1956, Play-Doh has grown up to become a superstar, at least in the minds of kindergarteners. You can read the full story on Play-Doh's coming-of-age here (though stripped of all the usual Hollywood smut and scandal, I'm sure).

Hasbro is celebrating in an odd way, releasing a Play-Doh perfume. Here's their marketing spiel:

For the first time that fresh-out-of the can, eau-de-PLAY-DOH scent is available for fun, highly-creative people who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.

As part of our year-long celebration of the beloved modeling compound's 50th birthday, PLAY-DOH compound's distinctive aroma will be available in a limited-edition 1-ounce spray bottle.

Retailers such as Ultra Cosmetics and Urban Outfitters will carry the PLAY-DOH fragrance for an approximate retail price of $19.

Childhood memories last forever, but the PLAY-DOH perfume is only available through the end of the year.

It seems more like a mid-life crisis than a celebration to me. I mean, I love the scent of Play-Doh as much as anyone... but who is going to buy this perfume? Really? I get that it's kitsch, and they are selling it to irony-laced hipsters at Urban Outfitters, but aside from that, does anyone really want to smell like Play-Doh? If the scent was really so alluring, wouldn't kindergarten teachers be replacing Angelina Jolie and Maxim girls in the category of "Most Seductive"? (No diss to kindergarten teachers here, I'm sure most of you could out-sass Angelina any day.) Besides, isn't smelling like Play-Doh mostly fun because you've just had fun playing with it?

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