icing or cake... wear your couch

This past weekend, an installation/event called Icing or Cake.. Wear Your Couch took place in two storefront windows in Manhattan, off-site but during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. In the windows, people stripped and dissasembled couches, then used the parts to create new items (buttons) that viewers could take away with them. Here's the reasoning behind the installation:

The context of the furniture fair, the scenography of their performance, and the communication related to this piece all work together to provoke the participation of visitors to the ICFF by inviting them to wear a couch. Through the performance of stripping the couch we will create a series of parts, wearable pins made out of the “icing” of the couch. For most visitors, the items at a trade fair are looked at and appreciated, but are not fully experienced. [...] This installation creates a situation to explore the relationships between design, designer, producer, shopkeeper and customer.

Visit the Icing or Cake site for more details and pics of the project.

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