yo gabba gabba!

While we're on the topic of kids, you must check out this new tv show for kids called YO GABBA GABBA! No news yet on when or where it will air, but the site is already making it's rounds online.

The characters are awesome: a 70's styled DJ in orange jump suit and a pile of random creatures (a cyclops, a robot, a "cat-dragon", etc) that look like life-sized Japanese vinyl toys.

Other bonuses about the show: Julius The Monkey (aka the Paul Frank monkey) makes guest appearances, and Chad Van Gaalen (aka one of my musical crushes) is one of the featured animators.

Watch the YO GABBA GABBA! trailer and sing along to the songs here. "Party in my Tummy" is one of the best kids songs since the glory days of Sesame Street sing-alongs.

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