lantern festival photos

The lantern festival was lovely. My friend and I went out for delicious Ethiopian food, then walked around Trout Lake Park, watching the lanterns, the fireworks, the fire dancers on stilts, the little girls dressed up as fairies and the hippie lady who couldn't stop praising the beet lantern. Here are some photos for you.

And last but not least - a mother and child encounter the Goat Man!

kedalia  – (July 30, 2006)  

oh wow! that looks insanely fun. weren't there fireworks in vancouver last night too, or something like that?

magpie & cake  – (July 30, 2006)  

yes, there were fireworks over english bay. i found the crowd at the lantern festival much more appreciative of the fireworks there though (much more ooohing and aaahhing), even though they were not super high-tech and fancy like the english bay ones. i guess there was more of a community feel.

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