janet morton and eveyln roth

Last weekend I went to see an amazing show at Vancouver's Belkin Satellite Gallery. "Material Obsessions" presented works by two Canadian craft artists - Janet Morton and Eveyln Roth. Although they worked in similar mediums - from wool to audio and video tape - they didn't know about one another's work, and were producing art 20 years apart.

The gallery - in the foreground is T.V. Trap (1973) by Eveyln Roth

The show was really magical, even for non-craftistas. You're greeted at the door by Janet Morton's full-size tree, knitted in black wool. Some of the branches turn into gloves or sleeves, and the roots trail off into balls of yarn and knitting needles. Inside the main room of the gallery, there's a giant work sock (aka sock monkey sock!), cassettes with their guts crocheted into quasi-Christmas ornanaments, a suit knitted out of video tape (from the CBC, no less!) that encloses a TV and the viewer. There's also a structure that would be pretty much the best playhouse ever. This is Evelyn Roth's "Environment for Living Recycled from 110 Sweaters" which she made in 1974, when recycling was "new" and groovy. It's the coziest hideout, like being in a pillow fort or inside a giant tea cozy. Here are some photos of the show. Enjoy.

Woollen Tree (2001) by Janet Morton

Environment for Living Recycled from 110 Sweaters (1974) by Eveyln Roth

Chain of Fools (2003) by Janet Morton

Memorial (Canadian Work Sock) (1992) by Janet Morton

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