my first quilt ever

Back in January, I started a quilt. I looked online at various quilts I liked, planned, and drew out the layout of all the squares with careful colour coordination. I started cutting. I cut about 120 squares. I put them together - first in pairs, then in squares of four. Then, I got busy. Over the next eight months, I've had time to put some of the four-squares together, but that's it. I had a load of excuses, but as of last week - no more!
Now I have all the squares sewn together (so what if not all of them line up perfectly? That just adds charm!) and am working on choosing the border. I have a nice purple stripe planned (as pictured), but I think it needs something else... maybe a white or cream? A nice dark blue? I wouldn't mind putting a lot of stripes around the centre part... the quilt ended up being smaller than I anticipated (even though I planned it as a lap quilt, it was frustrating to have done so much work and to end up with something so small!). Comments and suggestions welcome!

Laural –   – (August 28, 2006)  

That quilt is lovely! Impressive, especially for a first attempt. I wouldn't have the patience to do all that planning. Also, the two albums in your column (Herman dune and Sunset Rubdown) are two of my absolute favorite albums!

Siobhan  – (August 28, 2006)  

The quilt looks wonderful! You're so organized, with the chart and everything, too. I think the stripeys as a thin inner border would be nice - it'd make it a bit bigger and would be a cute accent. Then again, I like the plain purple as is, too. How big is it?

Alice  – (August 29, 2006)  

Yeah, I like the purple too, but I can imagine thin stripes would be nice--but a lot more work! Yeah, how big is it? It's hard to tell from the photo.

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