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Don't quit your day job. Sure it's boring, but that boredom (not to mention the handy office supplies) might just produce some great art.

Giant Robot's GR2 in LA is hosting a art show with all the works done on on Post-It notes. Post-Deux features nearly 2,000 works by noted (har har) contributors like Jeff Soto, Souther Salazar, and Jordan Crane (whose work and graphics novels I adore). The show's sticking around till September 13th.

t.lo –   – (August 25, 2006)  

...or why not the corollary to art on the Post-it notes: Post-it notes as the art?
Here is a wall-sized Elvis made of fluorescent sheets. Mezmerizing.

Siobhan  – (August 25, 2006)  

the elvis post-it mural is awesome. i think i will become a consultant who does that as an office team-building activity. :)

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