quiz: what kind of squid are you?

It's time for a quiz. Everybody likes quizzes. And this one answers a question you've been dying to know the answer to.

What Kind of Squid Are You?

  • 1. Should squid be (A) white or (B) red?

  • 2. Should squid be (A) tiny or (B) gigantic?

  • 3. Should squid be (A) fuzzy or (B) sleek?

  • 4. Should squid be (A) fun for babies or (B) fun for everyone?


If you answered mostly A's, you're Poor Mojo. Don't let the name fool you, you're not low on mojo. You're cute, you're cuddly, and babies love you - which means the girls love you, too. You're a bit kooky, but have a generous soul - you're willing to show everyone how you became what you are today.

If you answered mostly B's, you're Archibald Dux. You're a modern kind of squid. You're bold, confident, and feel like you're 18 feet tall. You're not afraid of being different - in fact, you love to stand out and always wear bright colours. You're very popular and even have a myspace page, like everyone in the in-crowd.

Alice  – (August 29, 2006)  

What if you answered 2 As and 2 Bs? I would be a white, tiny, sleek squid that's fun for everyone! Maybe I'm Archibald Mojo...

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