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In the few of weeks between roommates, I'm taking advantage of the temporarily-extra, now-empty room by using it as a painting room. Here's the mini-reno I did on an old chair (but new to me!) that I bought at Sally Ann this summer. Just a little stripping, painting, varnishing, glueing of maverick feet caps, and screwing in of one wobbly arm. Before, during and after...

Sonny  – (August 12, 2006)  

you're so handy... I got some things that need to be fixed around here. Do you wanna bring your crocheted tool belt over and I can put you to work?

magpie & cake  – (August 12, 2006)  

I would .. but your vicious cat would try to claw my crochted tool belt.

Alice  – (August 14, 2006)  

Yeah, handy, creative, talented. *sigh* Why aren't you in TO fixing up my house???

magpie & cake  – (August 14, 2006)  

Well, Alice, if you moved to Vancouver maybe I could... :)

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