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Amazon.com has started selling food and fresh produce from their site. They already sell books, dvds, watches, clothing, furniture... so why not food?

The amazing thing about Amazon is that they blindly treat every product the same way. Despite the many things wrong with this approach, the great thing about this is that they maintain a reader reviews section for every product they sell.

Enter Tuscan Whole Milk.

The one-gallon jug of Tuscan Whole Milk has become the target of a reviewing frenzy - with 680 reviews so far, and counting...


I am a big man. I drive a bus for a living. But the first time I drank this milk, I wept like a baby.


While on vacation in the Swiss Alps, Tuscan Whole Milk protected me and the tour group I was with from a terrible avalanche. And one afternoon, finding myself trapped in a nuclear submarine beneath the Antarctic ice, I was safely transported to the surface by Tuscan Whole Milk alone. I just can't imagine what would happen if I drank some.


I ordered three gallons of this delightful beverage and had it sent to my post office box. Amazingly, the container is exactly the same size as my PO box. So now, when I want a delicious glass of milk, all I have to do is go to the post office, open the box, unscrew the cap, voila! Once they put my milk into the PO box so the bottom faced the door and I had to poke a hole in it and drink the whole gallon at once.


When I first moved to America from Germany, I was led to believe that America was the land of Milk and Honey. But for years all I could find was the Honey. Now, thanks to Tuscan 2%, I finally have the Milk, too. Thanks, Tuscan!


I just found a finger in my milk. BTW, Snape kills Dumbledore....


And so on and so on... Go read (and write) Tuscan Whole Milk reviews for yourself.

Eric  – (August 13, 2006)  

This is why I love the internets.

Alice  – (August 14, 2006)  

Okay, either that person who wrote that entry is joking or you're in big trouble, Sio! I haven't read the last book yet!!!!

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