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Halifax, Nova Scotia. What does it make you think of? The ocean? Lobsters? Alpacas?

Wait. Alpacas?!

Lucy alerted me about the brilliantly named Pacafiesta that took place in Halifax this past weekend. Tons of events celebrated the mighty alpaca. Seems like the chubby-faced cousin to the llama is finally getting its due.

On the Pacafiesta site, they describe the festivities:

[...] superb alpacas for sale, a natural-fibre marketplace, spinners and weavers demonstrating their crafts, a fashion show, competitions, and gourmet food and wine in a very upbeat, fiesta atmosphere.

The site is woefully lacking in photos, but here are some photos tagged with Pacafiesta on Flickr - lots of alpaca yarn and alpacas in action. A few photos not to be missed: alpacas with hipster rockstar hair, an angry-looking puffy bunny, and this brilliantly tacky Pacafiesta billboard. Those crazy alpacas just don't know when to stop!

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