plastic never dies

Australian artist Liana Kabel is using up leftovers. And I don't mean putting them in tupperware. I mean using up the leftover tupperware itself.

Liana has crafted a line of beautiful, playful jewelry using old plastics - including tupperware and knitting needles. Pictured here are a necklace made of beads formed from melted down tupperware and (more obvious) some bracelets made by bending vintage knitting needles. Love it!

You can keep track of Liana's latest creations through her site her blog and her flickr photos.

Anonymous –   – (September 21, 2006)  

Check out this site, Toronto has been the victim of a scam!


Liana  – (September 21, 2006)  

Thanks for such a lovely write-up.
I have added you to my blogworthy blogs list.

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