teapot survey - please reply

I need your help.

I want to sew some teacozies to sell at my craft table, but every teapot I come across is a different size. Is there a "standard" teapot size?

The teacozies I want to make are much like this one - in design/rough idea only, not in style. That tutorial suggests you measure your teapot at it's thickest point around and over the top.

So, my question to you: what's the circumference of your teapot? And what's the "over" height? (See photos for Steps 1 and 2 here.) Please post your measurements in the comments below. Perhaps together we can find the ideal (or at least standard) teapot/teacozy size! Thanks!

linds –   – (September 04, 2006)  

I've already told you this, but I'll put it out there as a start - my teapot's girth is 21".

Sandie  – (September 05, 2006)  

That sounds like a great idea, unfortunately I don't own a tea pot... however I could survey around to help you out.

magpie & cake  – (September 05, 2006)  

Thanks, Sandie - any help would be much apppreciated!

Cristina  – (September 06, 2006)  

mine is a little weird b/c the handle sticks out quite a bit when resting on the side. so, if i were to shop for a tea pot cozy, i would shop for one the fits with the handle sitting straight up. It would need to be 20 by 19. Atleast 20 inches around and 19 inches high. Hope this helps.

Anonymous –   – (November 26, 2007)  

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