just can't craft

Some days you just shouldn't craft. The Craftynest craft bazaar is just two weeks away, so this weekend is supposed to be the one where I complete all my merch. Then, following this fantasy, I will have all next weekend to leisurely make tags, signs and figure out my table display.

But today is just not working out. I had some errands this morning, then when I got home I tried to start on the owl purses. They look great in my mind, but I'm having trouble with them. The fabric seems too thick, the angles are too sharp and the lining is a lot cause. I can't tell if it's actually not going to work - or if it just seems too complicated right now because I'm frustrated and trying to get things done too quickly. Gah.

I think I'll go make some tea and focus on another project that doesn't involve a sewing machine for a while.

Anonymous –   – (October 08, 2006)  

Hope the tea helped! You'll do fine sis!

Lindsay  – (October 10, 2006)  

Courage, ma belle - tu peux le faire! Bisoux... je t'appelle se soir, j'espere!

magpie & cake  – (October 10, 2006)  

Thanks to you both! Sunday and Monday were both MUCH better for crafting, and I am finally making visible progress! :) I think I may even tackle those owl purses again.

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