What You Can Be For Hallowe’en: Eighteen

Planning a Hallowe'en costume can be a daunting task. Where to begin?

Well, try starting at the top - with your hat. Hats are Costume Idea #18 - imagine the possibilites. I'm sure there's a Sesame Street songs about all the different people in your neighbourhood and all the different hats they wear - firemen, chefs, the baseball team, etc. (If not, there should be.) Extend that concept to people who don't live in your hood, and to historical (and future) time periods, and suddenly you have a lot of options for a costume.

I suggest you first turn to the Des Chapeaux blog for inspiration. Written by Pita in France, Des Chapeaux presents tons of photos and drawings of period hats. Also check out the Hats Off To Hats! flickr group.

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