What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Fourteen

Costume Idea #14 comes from the Victorian period: The Nondescript, or Flexible Giant. But that's too tall to wear for an indoor costume party, you say. Oh, but the Victorians have forseen this problem: "the length of the stick or cane used must be proportioned to the height of the apartment in which the exhibition is to take place." So sensible, those Victorians.

I especially like the movement possible with this costume - see the images near the bottom of the giant crouching down or putting its head between its legs. Plus, it seems relatively easy to make. I do wonder about the fabric for the body, though. Even the material described as the best, a "common black muslin used for linings" may not actually be "sufficiently coarse to allow the person inside to see through it" at night. Ideas?

Also from the Victorians comes the idea of partnering with a friend to be a centaur. This costume is pretty unfair, though, so we at M&C do not endorse it for reasons of equity. Who wants to be bent over as the back end all night?

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