What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Twenty-One

Costume Idea #21: Salt and Pepper shakers. Simple as simple can be... get two metal collanders, some fabric, and two hoops for the bottoms (to keep the fabric in line). Done!

(If you keep going through this photostream, you eventually get to this amazing giraffe costume. Too bad stilts are so impractical.)

Alice  – (October 21, 2006)  

Not as good as the costumes that you and Pavla wore one year...do you have a photo of those that you can post?

Lindsay  – (October 21, 2006)  

Yeah, I was thinking about those costumes, too - but I like how these two look like what aliens were supposed to look like in the 1950s.

Siobhan  – (October 21, 2006)  

I will have to find that photo of our salt & pepper shakers at some point when I'm back home. We had material that was black with white polkadots for pepper and white with black polka dots for salt, attached in A-line dress / conicla fashion from our shoulders down to hoola hoops.Tin foil hats. The letters S & P on the front. Fun!

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