What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Two

Lindsay, my esteemed collegue here at Magpie & Cake, came up with the quite frankly AWESOME idea of posting ideas for Hallowe'en costumes. Hallowe'en is the best.

I, in turn, am throwing down the Gauntlet of Awesomosity, and challenging her (and I) to come up with a costume idea for every day until Hallowe'en. Kind of like an advent calendar for Hallowe'en. Can it be done? (Gosh, I sure hope so, seeing as I just threw that big old gauntlet.)

Costume Idea #2: Sushi. This costume comes to us from Aunt Dodi. Her nephew wanted to be a California roll for Hallowe'en, so she made him this sushi costume. Which leads me to two questions: (1) What first grader wants to dress up as sushi? - and, more importantly - (2) How awesome an aunt is this woman?! She is amazing. I love this costume, especially the spray-painted ping-pong ball roe and the styrofoam rice grains.

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