What You CAN'T Be For Hallowe’en

If you've been visiting Magpie & Cake this month, you already know that we're all about "What You Can Be For Hallowe’en". But apparently not everyone feels the same way. A principal in Long Island is deciding "What You CAN'T Be For Hallowe’en" ... namely, Captain Underpants.

Acording to this story on CBC.ca, two 17-year old girls dressed up as Captain Underpants by wearing beige leotards and nude stockings under white briefs and red capes on the school's Superhero Day. Though they weren't naked, they kinda looked naked and their tighty whities were showing. Not cool for school, said the principal.

Surely there are much more revealing and risque superhero costumes out there. In fact most female superheroes tend to wear tight and/or skin-bareing outfits. Were Catwoman and Wonder Woman playing hookie that day, so Captain Underpants was targeted? And doen't Superman wear his briefs over his tights, too, only his are red? Let's face it, superheroes aren't the most modest dressers.

What do you think? Did Captain Underpants deserve to be sent home?

Lindsay  – (October 29, 2006)  

I think this is what many teachers refer to as a "teachable moment" rather than something for which students should be sent home. It would have been interesting to engage the kids in a discussion about costumes instead of just banning these students... wonder if that happened.

What a great costume idea! A cape is right up there with fun fur, crinolin, and wings, fun-wise.

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