dust bunnies can be cute

I've been neglecting my apt for far too long now, so long that the word "housework" has stopped being a guilty, long-term resident on my to-do list, and has almost become a foreign word. But no more! Today's the day I clean. This always involves a great deal of procrastination, so it's taking forever. While I'm waiting for the dryer to finish, I figure I'll procastinate a little more, and share a few craft projects that actually celebrate dirt - and use it.

Maria Adelaida Lopez's job cleaning houses got her through art school - in more ways than one. Not only could she pay tutition, she also got inspiration - and material (lots of it) - for her artwork. She covers dollhouses with the dust and lint recovered from vacuum cleaner bags. Eerie results. Not recommended for the allergic.

Jewellery designer Sarah Lindsay laminates acrylic dust to create pendants, earings and bracelets with a beautiful, mottled look.

Scott Wade draws on dirty car windows. Instead of the usual "WASH ME", he creates some pretty elaborate drawings. Also check out the Dirty Car Art flickr group.

silverlight  – (November 11, 2006)  

Now that is an original use of dust bunnies. Did you know you can make felt from the fuzz in the dryer's filter?.

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