GTD for christmas (and beyond)

The motto of the Lifehacker site is "Don't live to geek; geek to live." They give great geeky tips and recommend software and websites that actually save you time or make life better in some way.

Under the fantastic acronymn of GTD, or "Getting Things Done", they have lots of great tips of ways to keep track of tasks. As one of those people with an eternal To Do list, I'm all over this.

At this time of year, To Do lists can be quite helpful: keeping lists of who to get presents for, ideas of what to get them, what you've already bought ot made... It's also be helpful to keep track of dinners to make (and the ingredients needed), xmas cards to send and holiday parties to attend.

I'd suggest going through the GTD posts on Lifehacker to find the list program that's right for you. They have everything from GTD programs for gmail, to download to your desktop, and a whole bunch to use online, such as Remember the Milk, Ta-Da Lists and Mojonote.

If that's not enough to get you listing away, Lifehacker also recommend a GTD program specific to crafters: Craftmemo lets you keep track of your inventory of craft creations, supplies and upcoming projects. Sounds very helpful for crafters who are running Etsy stores or participating in craft fairs.

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