Süße Sac Tutorial!

I've been looking for a tutorial for one of these bags for ages! These bags are really simple, but really lovely - I've seen them made bigger than this, with linen in lovely semi-deep shades, and sold for $50 a pop! But now you can make your own!

I'm personally more into a plainer version, but if you like to embellish your projects there are lots of suggestions included in this tutorial! As a bonus, it shows you how to make yo-yos, which seem to have been popping up on all sorts of craft blogs lately.

Anonymous –   – (January 15, 2007)  

I just found your site through the Not Martha blogroll, and I love your site! I would like to put your link on my blog.

Also, thanks for the tut link for the purse. I would like one of those also (for a decent cost).

Anonymous –   – (January 17, 2007)  

Hey Lava - thanks for the love! The drawings on your site are great; I especially like the one of the necklace that says "jewelry". :)

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