amazing technicolour dreamsite

Need a little more colour in your life?

Yeah? Well, which one?

Colorstrology can tell you which colour's best for you - and your life. Not only does Colorstrology give you a horoscope based on your birthday, it also tells you what your colour is - and in Pantone no less.

For example, people born today are charismatic, intelligent and principled. And their colour is Orchid Haze (pictured here), AKA Pantone 16-2107.

This is the kind of site that you (or, um, me) can definitely get sucked into, checking out all your friends and family's colours. Love it.

Monique  – (February 19, 2007)  

I'm slate rose.

There is a Colorstrology book too, which spine out could go anywhere on the shelf.

Alice  – (February 19, 2007)  

I'm sure what that means as it's not only a colour, but also a url...???

Anonymous –   – (February 20, 2007)  

Hey Alice - I think your colour is trying to tell you to update your blog! :)

I'm aqua (aka hardworking, writer, analytical).

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