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Wrong time, wrong place, right bird.

Hoo Wot was a an art show that took place a month ago in London, England. It was all about (and here's the "right" part) my favourite bird: owls.

Over 30 international street artists, designers, illustrators, fashion designers, sculptors and other arty/owly types created owl-themed work to raise money for the World Owl Trust, who work to safeguard the world’s threatened owls and their habitats. There was even a real, live owl at the show's opening-night party. Sorry, gotta say it: it sounds like a hoot.

For photos of the show, check out Tiki Chris' Hoo Wot flickr set. It looks like the show featured a nice range of styles and formats, from paintings to pillows. The blue, grey and purple owl pillows pictured above are by another owl-art collective (within this owl-art group show) called The Owl Movement. You can visit them at their site or on myspace.

What animal (or bird or insect) would you want to see a whole art show dedicated to?

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