iconic preteens in feral costume

It's a full moon kids, go put on your crazy teeth.

There's something pretty darn interesting happening in Washington, DC. If you're in town, go check out a show called The Werewolf Youth, put on by the DeerMil(k) art collective:

This exhibition will focus on a cast of characters called "The Werewolf Youth," a group of simplified, iconic preteens in feral costume that have beeen translated by various members of the collection.

That seems resonable. Nothing inspires artistic creation like a group of simplified, iconic preteens in feral costume.

Participants in the show include video artist Jym Davis, crush-worthy illustrator The Argyle Academy, and softies-maker extraordinaire My Paper Crane, whose werewolf paws are shown here. Poor preteen werewolves; who did they ever try to hurt? I mean, besides all of humankind.

The Werewolf Youth show runs from March 30 to April 20, 2007 at the Warehouse Arts Complex.

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