line rider

Want to go tobogganing without getting a face full of snow? Line Rider is the thing for you.

This game is super cute. You draw the hills, slopes, bumps and jumps for a little sledder guy (complete with adorable stripey scarf), who then has to run the course. My guy (through no fault of his own) kept flying off the edge of cliffs, flipping over and losing his sled, or slipping backwards down slopes. (Tip: Type "H" for help when you're in the drawing screen to get an explanation of the different kinds of lines and tools available.) Lots of people have mastered the course: watch the amazing stunt-course movies that people have made.

Go, Line Rider!

Monique  – (March 05, 2007)  

So great. I love this.

And is there a new design going on here? I like it.

Anonymous –   – (March 06, 2007)  

Thanks Monique! It's a new-ish design - up since last October. I think you've been just RSS-ing too long! :)

I know you'll be a line rider pro in no time.

Alice  – (March 07, 2007)  

That's really hard to make one work!

Anonymous –   – (March 10, 2007)  

Thanks, now I'm addicted. And I say that with both sarcasm and gratitude!

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