a lotta malota

Some people do a wide range of different things. Some people do many things that all seem related. Some people can do both.

Judging from her work, Malota is one of the latter multi-talented people. She paints, she sews, she makes music. Yet it all flows and fits together nicely, like a jigsaw puzzle. Her style of music complements her artwork. And her toys are made in the style of her paintings.

I first spotted Malota online when she made this intriguing pair of toys and then again when she made larger versions. Take a peek at her artwork to see how her style from the canvas shines through in her sewn work, too.

Today on flickr, I saw her newest little creation, whom I adore. So many little legs! Eeek!

For more, visit Malota's shop or keep track through her blog.

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