thrifted fabric... what to do?

Oh, I've been so out of the crafting game for the last two weeks - things have been so busy that I haven't even been able to think about the projects I have on the go. But now one of my year's biggest activities is done, and I can start to readjust my life accordingly. Whew!

The other day I was secondhand shopping and found this lovely child's dress. It's actually fairly large (about a size 10?), but the material is really what caught my eye. I'm not good at figuring out what kind of material something is, but it seems to be a heavy twill or a light canvas. It's thick and durable, anyway.

Now my question is... what do I make with it? Maybe it's because I'm so out of it after the tournament, but I can't think of anything that I really want to make - so my only choice is to hang onto it for now and hope something comes to me. Anyone have ideas?

Anonymous –   – (March 03, 2007)  

Great fabric. I'd probably make a punchy lil pillow out of it, but that's not a terribly original idea. Whatever you make, it'll be cute.

Anonymous –   – (March 04, 2007)  

Try making a tea cozie with it. Use a nice satin to line it and use a bit of batting in between to retain heat. It'd be really cute and cheerful on a table with a plate of cupcakes.


Anonymous –   – (March 04, 2007)  

handbag/totebag with big curved bamboo handles--bandana for hair--sexy lady vest--sewing machine cozy--large pocket on blue denim skirt--quilted potholders--travel tissue pocket--

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