i can't remember the title, but i know it had a red cover

Chicago-based letterpress diva, Orange Beautiful, recently blogged about this amazing face-out bookshelf, and I couldn't help but repost the image here. It's the work/live space of artist Dale Chihuly.

This shelving method is perfect for you if:

a) You are the kind of person who wanders into a bookstore, looking for a book, but you can't quite remember the title and you can't quote remember who wrote it... but you remember there was something red on the cover... maybe a strawberry... or a tomato... or a balloon... or something... or maybe it was more orange than red... or maybe pink... Well, now the problem's solved, cause you can see all the covers at a glance. "Oh, the red book? There it is!"

b) You have a huge collection of oversized art books. It looks like Dale's removed the book jackets, leaving just the cloth. Interesting move - it definitely makes it look less like a bookstore and more like an art show. (Did you know that in most chain bookstores, the books that are displayed face-out or on tables are there because publishers paid a fee to the store? It's not that the bookstore actually thinks they're better or anything. Just something to keep in mind.)

c) You have a spiral staircase and a multi-level library in your home. (I wish!)

Also check out Orange Beautiful's elegant and smile-icious letterpress cards.

P.S. If bookshelves are your thing, also check out the rainbow organizational system.

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