surprise, it's meat!

So you've already eaten enough chocolate Easter eggs, but still feel compelled to reach for sugary treats...

Here's the solution: Meat Cake.

Looks like sugar, tastes like meat. What more could you want?

Here's the original meatcake, frosted with mashed potatoes - and the gallery of other meatcakes that it spawned.

My faves are the meatcake with carrots and peas in place of sprinkles, and the Thanksgiving meatcake with layers of stuffing.

It's amazing how the form of our food influences how we think and feel about it. Here's a simple equation that reveals much about the human mind:

Cake = Mmm.
Meat = Mmm.
Meat in cake shape = Eww.

In fact, it's much like the chili ice cream cone that my dad and I made over the xmas holidays. Kidney beans are the new maraschino cherries.

[Thanks to Crazymonk introducing me to meatcakes.]

Lindsay  – (April 07, 2007)  

I am grossed out by this! Maybe my brain says form should equal content?

lucy  – (April 08, 2007)  

15 years ago, i might have looked at this and though "mmm, meat cake!" but now, like lindsay, i'm just totally grossed out by the idea!

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