fishy finds

I was catching up a some blogs, and came across quite a few fishy finds...

Love Forever is working on a plush red snapper. He's not red, but he's awful cute.

Dermond Peterson has a whole collection of sea-inspired linens. (via)

Jessica Polka crochets some gorgeous sea creatres. I love how she presents them in a scientific way, with labels. Here's a pattern to crochet a baby octopus, and you can buy other patterns on her etsy shop. (I have to learn how to crochet already!) (via)

And last but certainly not least... Coe and Waito are two Toronto-based ceramic artists who make the MOST exquisite ceramic jellyfish. Their work was on display at Magic Pony earlier this Spring. Stunning! (via)

Alice  – (July 19, 2007)  

Ooh, the jelly fish are gorgeous. I wish I'd caught it while it was in TO.

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