a drawing a day

I bought myself a Moleskine sketchbook. It's my first one - I've always resisted buying one because they're expensive, and I figured they couldn't really be all that much better... right?

Well, so far it's pretty sweet. I love how thick and smooth the paper is. As you can see, I have high expectations of what this new sketchbook will do for me. Heh.

I've set a challenge for myself: I'm going to draw something in my sketchbook every single day for the next month. Partly, I want to make sure I actually use my fancy-pants Moleskine. But mostly, I've fallen out of drawing in the past few months, and really want to get back into it, and get better.

I probably won't post my drawings here everyday, but I figure I'm more likely to stick to my Drawing-A-Day challenge if I tell you about it.

kickpleat  – (August 08, 2007)  

i love hand lettering! very lovely. and i swear i saw that i saw the page in your moleskin book wave at me. i think i need to go to bed.

Siobhan  – (August 09, 2007)  

helllooooo, kickpleat! :)

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