hummingbirds and birch trees

Looks like Lisa Congdon has a beautiful show going on in San Francisco right now.

"The Tenderhearted" is on now at CandyStore till October 9. Fortunately for those of us not in the Bay Area, Lisa's posted some photos on flickr. Here's one of my faves:

I love clusters of paintings. (One day, I'm going to get this arrangement to work in my own home - likely after I stop renting, due to all those holes I'd have to nail in the wall!) I also love silhouettes of trees. Did I also mention that I love hummingbirds and birch trees? So there you go.

There's a great interview with Lisa Congdon over at Red Velvet Art. This is a particularly inspiring part about how Lisa got started:

Rachel: How did you know you wanted to continue developing your mixed media art as opposed to just doing it for yourself?

Lisa: I went from making stuff for myself to making things for other people as gifts as the first step. That was several years ago. And the people that received my work were so positive about it, and encouraged me to show and sell it, which, at the time, seemed like a pipe dream. Right around then, I started a blog where I shared my "experiments" (which is what I called them back then), and my readers also encouraged me to continue developing my work. It wasn't until I was offered my first solo show by someone who read my blog that I began truly developing my work, pushing myself, and taking my work more seriously. In fact, I so enjoyed the experience of preparing for this show that I decided I wanted to keep doing it. And it grew from there. That was only three years ago!! It is my life now, so it all seems so amazing.

Lisa'll be selling prints of one of her birch paintings on her Etsy shop later this week.

Keep tabs on all the tenderhearted Lisa Congdon on her site, blog and flickr.

PS. Check out some of her other paintings here. More birch - hooray!

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