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Dear Diary,

Promises to be the greatest crush-fantasy craft fair concoction ever imagined. Straight out of the pages of our most secret journals, The Good Catch Dear Diary Craft Fair reads between the lines to bring you a quirky collection of artists and crafters who have tapped into your deepest inner desires with their glorious hand-made wares!

Riffing on Montreal and Toronto's torrid secret long-distance love affair, Dear Diary brings it out of the dark, inviting a group of stellar MTL crafters to enjoy the pleasures of Toronto's craft home team; here is where we mix it up! With a focus on performative and interactive art-based crafts as well as sweet & affordable crafty gear, Dear Diary offers the therapy you need.

Vendors include: Anneke van Bommel (Her gorgeous 'Albino Love Brooch' is pictured above), Artech Studios, Bookhou Designs, bree,ree., Ching Made, Coldsnap Bindery, Damned Dollies, Day Milman, Donna Akrey (Her adorable 'Mini Mountain Meadow' is pictured below), Janine Miedzik, Hazel Myer, Pin Pals, Rev. Aitor, Sandy Plotnikoff, Serene Daoud, Temple Bates, Toronto Craft Alert, Two Toques Design, and Worn Fashion Journal.

Dear Diary Good Catch Craft Fair takes place September 15, 2007, from 12-5pm at the Good Catch General Store, 1556 Queen Street West, Toronto (out back or upstairs, depending on weather).

The Dear Diary fair will take place in association with the Queen West Arts Crawl.

toronto craft alert  – (January 10, 2008)  

wah, i missed this somehow (your post, not the fair, which i co-organized). so a belated thanks so much for putting this out there.

and for sharing those art parade pics - whadda great concept (& execution).

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