zippers open on the catwalk

Finnish style maven, OutsaPop has brought zippers to the runway.

Inspired by this piece in the Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2005 collection, OutsaPop made her own zipper collar to wear to a gala. So impressive! I love all the layers and the complex swirling pattern.

OutsaPop has posted photos of the whole process of creating her zipper collar, from WIP, to being displayed on a dressmakers form, to being worn over a KISS t-shirt, to, finally, being worn with a full-length evening dress -- which, incidentally, she made using an old tablecloth!

You can keep track of OutsaPop's fashion adventures (including spraypainting her pumps!) on her flickr.

(P.S. Here's a previous post on OutsaPop).

UPDATE: The ever-industrious OutsaPop is not only already onto her second (and even more elaborate!) zipper collar, she's sharing a tutorial on how to make your own.

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