makeshift thanksgiving

This morning my two housemates left for their respective hometowns for the long Thanksgiving weekend, which means that I have the house all to myself for four days! I'm not sad to be spending it alone - not yet anyway. I have big plans, not the least of which is to cook this amazing-looking cuban chicken and rice for myself on Monday! Who needs cranberry sauce when I can have this? I'm going to have to quarter the recipe, though, which is going to be interesting.

tina.  – (October 06, 2007)  

just wishing, really, congratulations for this wonderful design selection!

and ha! you haved just earned a brazilian fan ;D


vic  – (October 08, 2007)  

I love one pot dishes like this - less washing up! Thanks! x

Anonymous –   – (October 11, 2007)  

Hey There -

I was just wondering what a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving meal might consist of - is it similar to American Thanksgiving fare (turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes...)?

- Carina in Oregon

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