the explosion aesthetic

I love the explosion aesthetic.

What does that mean? It's what I'd like to do when I eventually move into a place where I can put as many nails in the walls as I want, without worrying about landlords and damage deposits.

To be more precise: it's arranging tons of great artwork on a wall, randomly yet organically.

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean:

Anders Nilsen (creator of the Big Questions comics, and one of my illustration crushes) made this installation of 1" buttons in the bedroom of a very lucky eight year old kid.

Go here for more photos and close-ups.

Artist Lisa Congdon did a similar thing in her kitchen with plates.

Who knew hanging plates on the walls could be so stylish?

There are tons of examples of framed artwork being hung this way (but of course, I can't find any links right now). Both Martha and Lifehacker have tips on how to accomplish this feat without going completely mad.

Rycrafty  – (December 09, 2007)  

Seeing the plates reminded me of something I thought of recently (although, I'm sure it's been done!).

I was out thrifting earlier this week, and after coming across quite a few ceramic pie plates, all with different recipes printed on the inside, I could just imagine a kitchen decorated with them.

All different styles, all different recipes, but I think it would be cool. If only I didn't have tile.

polkadotpebble  – (January 04, 2008)  

You have to check out Cornelia parkers exploded shed, in fact she is a really interesting artist all round (I hope you will agree!) its a bit like saying oh you have to meet my friend so-and-so and then worrying you would have a huge personality clash, however as this would only be in private I guess it wouldnt matter!

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