gift tags that say more

Amy Karol, aka Angry Chicken, is making gift giving just that much easier this year...

She's created some funny gift tags that you can download and print out to use on your own gifts. They say all those awkward but true things you'd like to say when you give a gift, but probably shouldn't... things like "I totally want to get one of these for myself so, let me know if you don't want it" or "I made this, just so you know, so don't say anything mean about it".

Go here to download the gift tags.

(via Unvarnished)

Melanie  – (December 22, 2007)  

Hello from a regular lurker. Thanking you for an inspiring read and wishing you all the best for The festive season. Merry Christmas! I totally love your blog! Have a fab 2008

Siobhan  – (December 23, 2007)  

Hi Melanie - thanks for the lovely note! Have a very happy xmas!

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