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This past weekend, Lindsay and I were in the same city for a change, thanks to her work, which brought her from Ontario to Vancouver. As everyone kept quipping, Lindsay brought the snow with her: surprisingly, it snowed in Vancouver... but, unsurprisingly, about 24 hours later it rained and melted all the snow away.

So what happens when Magpie and Cake are together (A) in the same city and (B) in the snow? We christmassed it up and made a gingerbread house!

As we built a house together, I learned two new things about Lindsay (which is pretty incredible, as we've known each other for 15 years):
1) Lindsay had never made a gingerbread house before!!!
2) Lindsay prefers having a plan (ie.measuring and cutting out paper shapes to plan the house), whereas I was just going to cut out shapes randomly and hope they all fit together in the end.

All the pieces did end up fitting together in the end (thanks to Lindsay's measuring!), but once the icing, smarties, and jujubes came out, we both got a little out of control...

When the mini-poodles came out, we were waaaaay past rules and restraint. Poodles will do that to you.

Every gingerbread house deserves robots, unicorns, crocodiles and poodles.

Lindsay  – (December 06, 2007)  

I love our gingerbread house! And you! –   – (December 06, 2007)  

Amazing! I love the poodles. :P

Dan  – (December 06, 2007)  

"Every gingerbread house deserves robots, unicorns, crocodiles and poodles."

So awesome...

Gwen  – (December 07, 2007)  

And isn't there a hippo too? Whee! I really want to know if the poodles are edible!

Siobhan –   – (December 07, 2007)  

Gwen -- OMG, I can't believe I forgot the hippo! He's an key part of the house, keeping those poodles from escaping from the chimney.

The poodles (and other animals) are all non-edible plastic. Actually, seeing as we burned some of the gingerbread, I bet the house is pretty inedible too... :)

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