2008 is gonna be great

This year, I'm not making new year's resolutions. But I am making new year's projects.

Like NY's resolutions, these are things that I want to do, but somehow end up procrastinating over. Let's see if I can get my act together and actually do things that I know I'd love to do. In no particular order, here goes...

1. Silkscreen. I have the stuff. I have designs. Why haven't I been doing this? I'd also like to get set up to do photo-transfer silkscreening instead of just stencils, which I find a little frustrating/limiting (though not more so than my procrastinating!)

2. Learn to crochet. I've had Lesson One already in the fall, but then life got in the way, and I haven't practiced since then.

3. Food. Cook more. Cook more interestingly. Make (good) lunches to bring to work. Dinner parties.

4. Draw more. Make this a habit. Draw with friends. Go to some illustration meetups or something.

5. Paint something. Painting is somehow intimidating for me. Get over that already.

6. Do more design classes. I'm already signed up for three (!) this semester.

7. Go to yoga classes.

8. Start my Etsy shop.

9. Get something published. Either an article or illustration. This is the "that'd be nice" item on my list, though maybe I'll actively pursue it at some point in the year.

10. Practice French and Italian more.

11. Learn to make jewellery/jewelry. (Learn to spell jewellery/jewelry.)

12. Photo projects. I have a few ideas for series of photos that I'd like to work on. Time to get them started.

13. Make a project board to keep track of what I'm working on and would like to work on, and maybe to set some goals and deadlines.

I'm sure there are others, but a baker's dozen's a good start, and probably enough to keep me busy.

Speaking of bakers, that reminds me of another one:

14. Bake bread. Oh, and bagels would be fun to try make, too.

I hope you all have a great 2008.

What are your NY's projects?

ms frapcious  – (January 05, 2008)  

that's a long list.
i'll take learning French and silk screening off your hands. and i'll raise you a trip to the Pacific Northwest and finally getting a passport.

Melanie  – (January 05, 2008)  

Well done for having your list already worked out. my list so far consists of "make a list" goals are especially good if alot of them are fun so your list definately looks do-able. good luck!!!

Monique  – (January 05, 2008)  

I recall this being on a previous list. How did it work out? Seems to be back on the list, is this just a continuation of good work?

4. Draw more. Make this a habit. Draw with friends. Go to some illustration meetups or something.

I admire your list making capabilities. Happy 2008. And, if you need a partner for any of these activities, let me know. I'm declaring 2008 the Year of Leisure.

Mommy2Angels  – (January 06, 2008)  

I have to say that I attempted the "baking bread" this year and it did not work for me. BUT I do like the idea of a project board. My husband gets so frustrated with all my projects. I need to also organize my project "stuff". :-)

Lindsay  – (January 08, 2008)  

Dang, that's a big list! I'm intimidated by the breadth of your resolutions.

Matthew  – (January 10, 2008)  

Did you get your silk screen in Vancouver? I've been looking for one myself and would love to get it locally.

Siobhan  – (January 11, 2008)  

Thanks for the conern, everyone! I'm a list-maker by nature (and it's a big part of my dayjob, too) so 14 projects doesn't seem like too much... and I have 365 days right? Well, less than that now... :)

Monique - Yes, I've made the "draw more" resolution before. I tried drawing one picture a day for a month in the Fall, but gave up after 10 days or so. Ooops.

Matthew - I got my silkscreen supplies at Opus on Granville Island. They have all the basic stuff. I've heard that Willox (willox.com) is the place to go here if you're super serious about it. I haven't been out there though, as it looks like a place you need to get to by car.

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