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It snowed yesterday, here in Vancouver. (Unsurprisingly, it only snowed for a few hours, and it's already all melted away. Boo!)

After I got back from my walk in the snow, I warmed up next to a roaring internet, and came across an oh-so-thematic project by Riitta Ikonen, who's studying at the Royal College of Art in London.

For her Snowflake project, Riitta dressed up in a snowflake costume and lay around in the landscape of Finland.

Why? My answer: cause it's awesome. Her answer (which is much more well though out):

For two years now we haven't had snow in Finland for Christmas. This is very unusual and worrying and prompted me to start an ongoing site specific project looking at the effects of global warming.

Riittta likes to dress up a lot. For various projects, she has dressed up as a bird and leaf, roadkill, a bright idea, and even Slovenia.

I adore her costumes - they are playful and really well designed - and most of all, it looks like she's having so much fun. My favourite her costume projects is Human Nylon:

Life jackets, bulletproof vests, seat-belts etc. are made of Nylon. As a final project in Brighton I explored the protective qualities and the safety in this amazing material. I became a Human Nylon to find out more about how and where Nylon is protecting us.

The results are just hilarious...

Keep up with all of Riitta's stealthy disguises on her website.

Honeyspy  – (January 28, 2008)  

ok, I lol'd at the 'Bright Idea; series. :D

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